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We`re still alive and kicking, and this time we decided to go retro!! We`re pleased to announce that our new project is :
Teenage Queen MD for the Sega Genesis/Megadrive.
It`s a straight port of a famous Strip Poker game available for the Atari ST. That game would never have received Sega`s approval in the nineties, so we decided to correct that mistake ;)
We decided to try to get the agreement from the copyrights owner, that might delay a bit the release (or cancel it),but we think it`s the best way to act. We don`t want any misunderstanding about our first intention with the company who got the intellectual property. Our aim is doing and sharing a new game with all sega fans. 
Anyway, if you`re still interested in "preordering" the game, drop us a mail SpoutnickTeam@Gmail.com with your complete details (name,surname,age & country) and the desired quantity of cards. Off course, you need to be above 18 ;) 
The Team